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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How to Get Beautiful Eyes

  1. When doing your foundation and concealer, include your eyes. People with thinner skin should especially remember to do this because otherwise the veins will show and dark circles will show. This creates a sort of "blank canvas".
  2. Line your eyes with a dark brown eyeliner (or black if you have a darker skin tone or are doing evening/party make up). The liner should be thin near the inner corners and get gradually wider as you reach the outer edge.
  3. Choosing eyeshadow color. To play up your eye color, choose a shade opposite of your eye color. For example, if you have dark brown eyes, use royal blue, navy, or purple. If you have blue eyes, use a medium brown. Plum actually looks very good as well. Don't use red. That's obvious. And be careful with pink; frosty pink looks the best. With green eyes, blue and purple really bring out the color.
  4. Of course, for a more natural look, just use a shimmery, neutral shade, with a darker version of the color in the creases out to the outer edges.
  5. No matter what you eye color or shape is, at the end, curl your eyelashes. This makes them look longer, and you look more awake. Also remember to apply black mascara.
  • If you are fair and looking to do a more natural look, go for brown or brownish-black mascara.

  • If your eyelashes are naturally black and thick, use a clear mascara unless you're really trying to play them up or go for a more intense look.

  • Your eyeliner should not look square, or really pointy. To achieve beautiful eyes, stick to the actual shape of your eye.

  • To really light up your eyes, apply white or pale gold eyeshadow to the inner rims and the brow bones.

  • If you have a problem with dark circles, and you feel it's making your eyes not as beautiful as you would like, use a concealer with a yellowish undertone,(but don't rub it in, use a brush to sort of pat it on. Rubbing it in can make the circles darker)or if you just want to use a drugstore thing to help. I suggest Garniers products. There are also many at home remedies. Using cucumbers and cold spoons are a temporary fix to those dark circles. Be careful, the cucumber juice gets into your eyes if you open them when they are on your eyes. You only make that mistake once and it burns!!


  • Never apply mascara or curl your eyelashes while driving or walking. You could poke your eye out, lose your eyelashes, or go blind. Definitely not worth it.
  • If you have blue eyes and are using a pink eyeshadow, don't apply it under your eyes. You will look tired and/or sick.

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