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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

how to remove dark color from lips.....

      Dark lips for sure can spoil the look of your face. There are various factors which might cause your lips to become dark. Excessive smoking is one major cause of dark lips. Some others might include drinking too much of caffeine, over exposure to sun rays or using lip color of poor quality.  If you are suffering from dark lips problem, you should make it sure that you go for dark lips treatment because it makes your face lose its sheen.

 The immediate measures to cure black lips:
1. Quit taking excessive Tea or Coffee.
2. Quit smoking immediately
3. Quit applying too much of lipsticks
4. Quit applying cheap lipsticks
5. Quit too much of direct exposure to sun
6. Quit lip licking

Things to Keep in Mind for Dark lips treatment:
  1. As the first thing in the morning, it is better that you try to exfoliate your lips because it is helpful in removing the dead cells from the lips and make them soft.
  2. If your lips are chapped or dehydrated you should not forget to apply a good quality lip balm. Applying lip balm daily at night time before going to bed will surely prevent your lips from getting chapped.
  3. Make sure that the lipstick you are applying suits your lips. Many a times it happens that we apply lipstick of not good quality which in fact causes lips to become dark.
  4. Always apply a lip liner before lipstick on your lips. Try to use lipsticks of mild kind.
  5. Choose your lip stick brand wisely. If only after sometime you start to notice a visible change in your lips color it is better to stop using that brand.

Home Remedies for Dark Lips Treatment:
      You can also apply lemon juice on your lips to prevent the darkening of the lips.
      Apply olive oil on your lips, this  not just moisturisers the skin but also prevent the dark color.
      If your lipstick has expired it is best to throw them away.
      Lime, honey and glycerine should be mixed into a fine paste and applied on the lips.
      Some juices like lime juice, beetroot is also effective in lightening the tone of your dark lips.




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